Gain a Positively Unfair Advantage in Your Marketing Career Before You Join an IIM

The kind of B-school life you want, the summer internship that you want, the final placement that you want, is going to be fueled by the steps you take right now

Build a career in Marketing by figuring out what Marketing is and what are the skills that you require, much before everybody else does when their MBA begins!

Join the challenge now for a one-time refundable* fee of ₹997

Let me ask you this...

Are you interested in Marketing as a career after MBA?

You could be someone who is fascinated by Marketing. You know that you want to get into your B-school and become one among the best marketing talents out there. You want to work in the best brands out there in the best marketing profiles. But, how?

The question is, do you really understand what marketing is all about? Do you understand that marketing is not just about advertising the product, but it, in fact, is also about conceptualizing and building the product? It is also about ensuring sales happen and the customers keep coming in.

This is what the entire chain of marketing activities look like:

The thing is – Marketing is a wide and deep domain. And what brands are looking for is:

A Full Stack Marketing Brain with Digital Skills and the hunger to learn


Again, the question is, what is a full stack marketing brain? 

A full stack marketing brain, a true MBA marketing genius, is one who has the understanding of all operations of marketing and, most importantly, is relevant in today’s digital age. When businesses are moving online, they need top-class talent that comes with the relevant digital skills, ready to be deployed for on the job learning.

But, when will you learn these Digital Skills of Marketing? Do you still have the time to learn them? Does your B-school teach these skills?

Before you enter an IIM and sleepwalk through the entire program...

learn the basics of Marketing, acquire the digital skills and know the steps to take for your desired career goals

You are going to make it to an IIM really soon. You are excited about it, and anxious. You have spoken to seniors, and your friends who have been there. They have told you all that there is to know about life at a B-school. Good. But did they tell you about how you could completely make a mess of what is most likely your final opportunity to make an impact on your career?

There are two types of students reading this right now. The first one are thinking:

“All this dream company, dream job, dream life…does it really even mean anything? I mean I am just happy that I have made it to the B-school!”

While the other are, quite conveniently, on a different tangent altogether. A sense of entitlement has already started to sink in and this is what they have in their mind:

“I have made it! My dream B-school will lead to my company, my dream job role and my dream life”

Life begins to catch-up for good. Before you know, you are attending the online classes, rushing to complete the assignments, managing to do all the pre-reads just in time. 

Also, since we are in the times of COVID, siting and experiencing the program from home – the competition never really gets to you. MBA doesn’t capture your imagination like it should. 

and, just when the routine sinks in...

Your Summer Placements will be right in front of you!

Suddenly you realize you need to have your basic concepts in place, some real skills in your armory and a good personal brand to make you stand out from the crowd in your batch. 

The competition is just too much. Most of them are better than you, you would think. You apply for the companies you want to intern at. Some of them didn’t even shortlist you. What could you have done anyway? 

The ones you make it to – to the interview room – are oh-so-important for you to crack. But, what happens when, you walk out of the interview room? When you walk out of the interview room embarrassed:

Heck. You get placed somewhere anyway. You satisfy yourself with that, because this is what you tell yourself:

“It was never in my hands anyway. That’s how placements work here”

And that marks the beginning of a journey of a compromised career with extremely limited control of your own on it, and a great amount of dissatisfaction.

but, I challenge you to remedy that situation right away...

I challenge you to get Five Steps Ahead of you peers right now!

You can make the most of this time. This is the time that you have on your hands to do what you really want to do this MBA for. Right now is the time for you to:

I challenge you to take this 5-day Get Five Steps Ahead challenge that will give you:

Learn the basic concepts of Marketing and about the Digital Skills that will help you get an edge among your peers.

Join the challenge now for a one-time refundable* fee of ₹997

frankly, don't listen to me...

Hear what other challenge takers had to say...

Varun Chaturvedi, MBA from SDA Bocconi finds the course to be deep and thorough to understand the basic concepts of marketing. Prepares the students for important skills.

Surabhi Bhuyan, MBA from IIFT Kolkata believes that the course is the much required roadmap for any student thinking about how to acquire marketing skills in MBA

Shuvankar Mazumdar, a final-year engineering students thinks that Five Steps Ahead gave him the right kind of preparation that he requires before stepping into MBA.

Prachi Patil, MBA from SIBM believes that the course cleared her basic marketing concepts and the detailed coverage of the course gave her an organized view

Let me tell you more about this...

What exactly is the Get Five Steps Ahead Challenge?

The Get Five Steps Ahead is a challenge I literally left my 3+ years of Product Head job for!

In this challenge what you have with you are 5 days to complete my 4-hour course called ‘Five Steps Ahead’ and score at least 75% marks in it. What follows is absolute clarity of your journey in the field of marketing through MBA, knowledge of marketing concepts, and the blueprint to learn Digital Skills that will make you stand apart. All you’ve got to do is (and let me repeat): 


The stakes are low right now. But they won't be when the first day of B-school would be there right in front of you.
Join the challenge now for a one-time refundable* fee of ₹997

You need to see this sneak-peak...

What will you learn in the Get Five Steps Ahead challenge?

If you are wondering – what all could there be in this challenge that will give you the unfair advantage that you need – then let me tell you more. The entire challenge is built around my unique 5-step methodology that is a blueprint for you to follow in your MBA journey. The entire Get Five Steps Ahead challenge will cover the following topics for your success:

1. Basics of Marketing

You will learn:
  • What is Marketing – Giving a picture of the entire marketing life cycle from Research and Ideation to Development and After-sales
  • A detailed analysis of careers in marketing. Giving you a true picture of the job roles and the skills required for the job roles
  • Basics concepts of marketing such as the STP, 4Ps, 5Cs
  • Our 5-step methodology called ‘BASIC’ gives you the exact blueprint of carving out your career journey in the field of marketing

2. Applying Concepts on Case Studies

You will learn:
  • What are the various marketing frameworks such as SWOT, PESTLE analysis
  • How the basic concepts of marketing converge into the frameworks
  • Utilizing basic concepts and frameworks to solve marketing and business case studies.
  • A step-by-step method to get better at solving cases by a method
  • How to present your case study analysis in your class, internship or job in just 5 comprehensive slides

3. Skill Acquisition (Digital Marketing + Marketing Analytics)

You will learn:
  • What skills are required by a new-age marketer like you in the changing world of marketing
  • Understanding the relevance of Digital Marketing in the current context for you as a future marketer
  • Basic concepts of Digital Marketing, digital assets, and different digital marketing strategies
  • Understanding the importance and the position of Marketing Analytics in the process of marketing
  • Overview of the marketing analytics tools and techniques and their use-cases in the field of marketing

4. Implementing Skills in the Real World

You will learn:
  • How to apply your marketing concepts, problem-solving skills, and new-age skills to the real-world problems
  • Top reasons why MBA students are not able to complete and/or learn from the online courses that they take
  • How I implemented basic marketing concepts and learning to design my career myself
  • The best strategy for you to apply your learning and build a body of work that adds value to your resume

5. Creating a Personal Brand in MBA

You will learn:
  • Why personal branding is a must for placements and a good career ahead
  • Steps for creating a brand or a personal brand by creating a body of work
  • How I created my personal brand and what are my continuous efforts to keep building it
  • Must-have online channels that amplify your personal brand, a FREE Bonus!

6. 1-on-1 Video Call with me for Challenge Finishers

All challenge finishers will have the chance to get on a 15 minute 1-on-1 video call with me. Only the serious people who are willing to delve deeper in their their MBA career journey would be eligible. And the best way to know that is by checking who all finish of their challenge with all criteria (mentioned above). Share your experience, ask your doubts, discuss your MBA and career strategies.

PS: I love to talk and explain life and management fundas by annotating on a white screen on my iPad.

and, obviously...

7. Certificate of Completion

Upon the completion of the Five Steps Ahead course, you will receive a valuable and verifiable certificate of accomplishment. This certificate of completion will be unique and will carry the following details:

  • Full Name
  • Your score from the course
  • Date of Completion
  • Unique certificate ID (verifiable on our website)

The best thing is – you will get this certificate whether you complete the challenge within 5 days or not!

and if you want to know more...

Here are some FAQs on the challenge

Led by Marketing and MBA-career mentor Darpan Saxena, this five day challenge is designed to help you discover and design your career journey through marketing knowledge and digital skills while you are in your MBA.

By the end of the five days, you will have complete clarity about the most basic concepts of marketing (as taught in a B-school), and of the coveted digital skills (hardly well taught in any B-school) that make you a desirable and an industry-ready future leader.

As surprising as it may seem, you are likely to sleepwalk through your entire MBA program without knowing…

  • What you really need to learn
  • What skills you really need to acquire
  • What things you really need to do

…to attract that marketing job, that internship or that company that you want to get into through your MBA.

The Get Five Steps Ahead Challenge is a wake up call for you if you are already an MBA aspirant or an MBA student. I designed it to answer all the three questions that I mentioned above. 

I have walked each of these five steps to design this dream career for myself. I am living that dream right now. And I want each one of you to live this dream of having complete control over your career.

The Five Steps Ahead course covers a lot of ground in just 4 hours. A combination of videos and quizzes make it probably the best course out there for MBA aspirants and MBA students interested in marketing. The course covers:

  1. Basic Concepts of Marketing (4Ps, STP, Frameworks etc.)
  2. How to Analyse Marketing Case Studies
  3. Must-have Digital Skills for MBAs (Digital Marketing and Marketing Analytics)
  4. How practice these digital skills on real-world projects
  5. How to develop your personal brand through your knowledge, skills and work

For the exact video-by-video outline of the course, refer to the course overview section.

For you as an MBA Aspirant, this challenge is probably the most important thing that you will be doing before getting into your B-school! 

You will get to the exact basics of marketing that you will be expected to already know in your first marketing class.

This is the right time for you to take the course. In order to succeed you need a roadmap really early on, which is right now.

You also need crystal-clear understanding of the basics of marketing. Most of the times, students feel that they know their concepts, but going through this course made them realise that their understanding for surface level.

If you are someone who values the power of learning digital skills this course is for you. You will realize what are the strategic concepts that you need to know in Digital Marketing and Marketing Analytics.

Moreover, you will get a revision of some of the basic marketing concepts like STP, 4Ps and a few frameworks from a different perspective.

This is not an ideal course for you. Do check out our academy for some advanced courses we will be releasing shortly.

All you pay is ₹997 to get started with the Get Five Steps Ahead challenge. This fee, minus 3% transaction charges, is refundable to those who complete the challenge in five days with at least 75% score in the course.

The challenge starts as soon as you enroll for the course and you have five days to complete the challenge. However, this does NOT mean that your access to the course expires in five days. In fact, you get lifetime access to the course but for you to claim the completion refund scholarship, you need to complete it in the challenge duration of five days.

There are three things that you have got to do to participate and successfully complete the challenge:

  1. Enter the challenge at a refundable fee of ₹997
  2. Complete the course in exactly 5 days (120 hours) of your enrollment
  3. Get a score of at least 75% in the course

With this you would have successfully completed the challenge and would be eligible for the completion refund scholarship of ₹997 minus 3% transaction fee charged by the payment gateway.

Oh yes, you would. Once you complete the challenge, be it in 5 days or after that, you will get a completion certificate which will also carry your score. That means, your certificate will be a testimony of how well you have performed in the course hence making it even more valuable.

Not just that, each certificate also carries a unique certificate ID through which your certificate can be verified on our website.

Here are all the benefits that you will get when you successfully complete the challenge in five days with a score of 75% and above:

  1. A refund of your challenge enrollment fee of ₹997 after deducting for 3% transaction charges
  2. A uniquely verifiable certificate of completion which carries your score

And a bonus! A 20% discount on one of our select future courses of ours on Marketing, Digital Marketing and Analytics 

Absolutely! You will receive ₹997 – 3% transaction fee, i.e. ₹977 refunded to your bank account within the next 15 days of when you claim the refund.

To claim the refund, all you have got to do, is to send an email to [email protected]. Please attach your course certificate in that email. This will carry your score in the challenge which we will cross-check from our backend. Along with that, mention the following bank details of where you want your refund:

  • Name of Beneficiary 
  • Bank Name
  • Account No.
  • IFSC Code.

Or, your UPI ID

Please note, you can claim your completion refund scholarship within 7 days of completing the course. After that, no refund will be processed towards your successful completion of the challenge.

If you are not able to complete the course in 5 days with at least 75% score then:

  • You will not be eligible for any completion refund scholarship
  • You will not be eligible for the 20% discount on any one of our select future course

That should not be an issue for because:

  • You have lifetime access to the course – which means you can complete the course anytime at your convenience and gain the knowledge.
  • You will still get the completion certificate – which means whatever time you have invested in the course would still be worth it. Who knows, if you do it at your own pace you may score a 100%!

You need to get at least 75% in the course to be eligible for the completion refund scholarship of your enrollment fee and the other benefits. The course comprises multiple MCQ style quizzes. 

Which simply means that If you don’t score at least 75% in the course you will not be eligible for the completion refund scholarship and other benefits. However, you will still get the certificate of completion.

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