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Create the best career opportunities from MBA without depending on placements

Learn how to create the best career opportunities in the field of Marketing by turning your knowledge and digital skills into a passion project that builds your personal brand
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Get started with taking action to set yourself apart from everyone else on your campus. Become a marketing practitioner, a personal brand to unlock the opportunities that others only dream of.

Hi, I am Darpan Saxena, an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Udaipur. Let me tell you how you can take audacious steps in your career that propel you towards your dreamlife, even if you feel are lagging behind and don’t have the opportunities. Get a pre-invite for Five Steps Ahead now.
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What does ‘Create the best career opportunity’ mean?

It means that you are not waiting to get the jobs to come to your campus. You are, in fact, utilizing your knowledge, skills and network to uncover opportunities that most MBA students, mistakenly, don’t even look at.

Focusing only on MBA placements is like…

a herd of sheep leaving their stall. There is no fence, only the gate.

You don’t realize that there are opportunities you aren’t even looking at

Off-Campus Placements

Companies looking to fill up vacancies need not always wait till college placements. Nor they might come to campus for one vacancy

Global Consulting and Freelancing

Businesses around the world are eager to work with young Indian MBA talent. This course tells you how to get them to hire you

Digital Entrepreneurship

A side-hustle from your MBA days could turn out to be the start-up of your dreams. Learn how to build a business around you

And, on-campus would just become a by-product of your brilliance and new-found knowledge and digital skills

But, what’s wrong with depending only on MBA placements?

While you may think it to be so, but placement might not be the best outcome that you may get from your MBA.

You could be in a B-school that you didn’t want to be in

which means most of your dream companies and job roles are already beyond your reach through the placements

The economic environment of the country is beyond your control

which means how is the job market in the country that year is going to determine you fate (for e.g., the Pandemic)

Which companies would come to your campus is beyond your control

which means you have to settle for the companies which finally come and assume it to be the best you could have got

Whether you would even get shortlisted for the company of your liking is unpredictable

which means you being a CA doesn’t guarantee you a finance shortlist, and you having relevant experience doesn’t guarantee you a marketing or consulting shortlist

And, needless to say, what happens in the interview may not always be as per your script

which means absolutely nothing about the placements is determined by your own efforts

Moreover, how could placement be the ‘best’ outcome when you have not experienced all the other options?

How to make all of that happen?

You can make this happen when you stop seeing yourself as an MBA student and instead start seeing yourself as a
Practitioner of your knowledge and skills. Five Steps Ahead makes it happen in five steps.

BASIC Framework

Get Five Steps Ahead in your MBA career

The Five Steps Ahead Silver Membership is the ultimate system to design your MBA career through your marketing knowledge and digital skills

Five Steps Ahead – Silver Membership

Get started with taking action to set yourself apart from everyone else on your campus. Become a practitioner, a personal brand to unlock the opportunities that others only dream of

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A community full of learning through 7 essential courses

Here’s what you are getting when you lock-in your pre-launch invite now. Get 7 courses which is everything you need to kickstart your journey towards freedom in your career after MBA

1Five Steps Ahead - Silver Membership

Get started with taking action to set yourself apart from everyone else on your campus. Become a marketing practitioner, a personal brand to unlock the opportunities that others only dream of


2Skill Clarity Blueprint

Find and uncover the must-have skills for your dream MBA career. A step-by-step logical method to discover what career you must aim for and hence what knowledge and skills should you acquire

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3Marketing Experiments Lab Challenge

Step-by-step guide to setup your blog and launch your personal brand online. Blogging is the single most important digital asset that you can create to share your knowledge and propagate your personal brand

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4Marketing Concepts Mastery

Learn the essential marketing concepts and frameworks for a strong foundation of your marketing career. Your knowledge is going to be the backbone, and this course will develop that comprehensively

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5Case Analysis Blueprint

Step-by-step method to analyse any marketing case study in just 5 slides. Learn how to absorb relevant information from a case study, how to think and develop a suitable plan of action

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6Digital Marketing Blueprint

First principles of Digital Marketing strategy that MBAs can’t miss out on. Probably the only course online covering how to think about Digital Marketing as a strategy element from leadership perspective

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7Networking Blueprint

Establish deep connection with CxOs and top professionals in your dream industry. Unlike shallow networking and small talks, learn how to build long-lasting industry relationships

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Here’s what other MBA students and aspirants have to say

Many MBA students took the first version of Five Steps Ahead course. Hear what these action-takers have to say about the course and how it helped them in their career.


Sadhna Sharma
MBA, IIM Ahmedabad (2021-23)

For me being a CA and a finance professional, Darpan has opened up a new perspective for me to think about skills and personal branding that I need for a fulfilling career


Krati Pandey
MBA, IIFT Kolkata (2020-22)

I was not entirely sure about what my career path should be. Fortunately, I came around this course which has helped me identify my areas of interest and its relevant skills

Surabhi Bhuyan
MBA, IIFT Kolkata (2020-22)

Surabhi believes that the course is the much-required roadmap for any student thinking about how to acquire marketing skills in MBA

Prachi Patil
MBA, SIBM (2020-22)

Prachi believes that the course cleared her basic marketing concepts and the detailed coverage of the course gave her an organized view

Varun Chaturvedi
MBA, SDA Bocconi (2019-21)

Varun found the course to be deep and thorough to understand the basic concepts of marketing. Prepares the students for important skills.

Shuvankar Mazumdar
MBA Aspirant and B.Tech, MACAUT University, West Bengal

Shuvankar thinks that Five Steps Ahead gave him the right kind of preparation that he requires before stepping into MBA

Lock your spot now and get introductory fee-waiver

Here’s what you are getting. A combined bundle of courses and programs by an IIM alumnus to help you unlock opportunities beyond your placements and create the best career outcomes from your MBA.

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