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Creadom Club is a community that helps you create the best career outcomes from your MBA program using your knowledge and digital skills.

You develop real business skills by building a business around you. That means – you are the product, you are the company and you are the business.

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How does Creadom Club give MBAs career freedom?

With Creadom Club, you will be able to:

  • learn the MBA concepts better by being focused on your target industry and niche
  • build your personal brand by sharing your knowledge through content marketing on your blog, LinkedIn and YouTube channel
  • attract global consulting and freelancing work opportunities and earn in dollars by putting your business skills to use
  • even land a job without even sitting for a single interview and without depending on your placements

How can Creadom help me become an entrepreneur during my MBA?

Creadom completely changes the career opportunity situation for you. You start off by choosing what industry/domain you want to be in.

Then, each learning element in Creadom focuses on making you an expert or someone who is a brand in that field.

When this happens, you will realize that you are no longer waiting for the jobs to come to your campus. You are, in fact, utilizing your knowledge, skills, and network to uncover opportunities that most MBA students, mistakenly, don’t even look at.

You don’t realize that there are opportunities you aren’t even looking at. For example:

Global Consulting and Freelancing

Businesses around the world are eager to work with young Indian MBA talent. This course tells you how to get them to hire you

Digital Entrepreneurship

A side hustle from your MBA days could turn out to be the start-up of your dreams. Learn how to build a business around you

How can Creadom help me get the best job after my MBA?

When you focus on building your knowledge and skills, then displaying them to the world through your blog, LinkedIn and YouTube – you attract global opportunities.

Believe me when I say it – most of them can turn into high-paying full-time job opportunities if you wanted.

That means:

  • no dreaming and hoping that the best companies come to your campus
  • no waiting for on-campus placement companies to shortlist you (which is unpredictable anyways)
  • no need for depending only on the few interviews you actually make it to (and minimizing your chances)

How to get the best MBA placements through Creadom?

When you follow the Creadom journey, you come across as a seasoned ‘practitioner’ and not just any other MBA student.

Which means:

  • your MBA placement interviews become more about your body of work
  • your body of work and brand will do the talking for you
  • your interview panel will see you as a complete professional
  • your work will justify your desire to be at the company

…and needless to mention, your profile gets significantly improved and unique and you get innumerable talking points for the interview.

In fact, on-campus placements would just become a by-product of your brilliance and new-found knowledge and digital skills

Who is this course for?

  • MBA students who know that the career that they want is not possible to achieve from the placements at their B-school
  • MBA students and aspirants who don’t want to leave their career to chance by focusing on only the unpredictable on-campus placements
  • MBA aspirants who want to stay ahead of the curve and want to make a great career in marketing by starting early in acquiring knowledge and skills
  • MBA graduates who feel that they couldn’t get the best outcome from their MBA and are itching to grow in their careers looking at multiple opportunities

What you’ll learn

Create ‘show, don’t talk’ type of body of work that helps you position as a serious enthusiast of the field of Marketing, Finance, Operations, Consulting, or whichever domain you aim for

Module 1 – Identify your target domain and skills

You’ll learn:

  • How to decide which target job role or domain to aim for in your MBA placements
  • How to focus on the short-term results (i.e. MBA placements) and gradually develop yourself into an expert in the same field that you choose
  • Finding which hard skills and soft skills you need to learn based on the target job role/career that you would have selected. This is called Back-hacking the placements

Module 2 – Setup your personal brand elements

You’ll learn:

  • How to set up your blog/website from scratch under your own domain name
  • Setup and/or optimize your LinkedIn profile to attract and make it relevant to your desired MBA goal
  • Setup and/or optimize your YouTube channel where you can share your knowledge as you keep on learning

Module 3 – Build authority in your topic through blogging

  • How do keyword research for the blog content that you create
  • How to write not only reader-friendly content but also content that is great in SEO
  • Ways to ensure that your article’s rankings are maintained and each new article ranks well

Module 4 – Establish your network through LinkedIn

Module 5 – Gain confidence to lead through YouTubing

Module 6 – Develop a content creation plan

You’ll learn:

  • How to plan out which topics you will write blog posts on 
  • How to reuse one blog post into various LinkedIn posts, Twitter threads, and YouTube scripts
  • What should a weekly content calendar look like for you to build your brand on any topic

Module 7 – Get your first consulting/freelancing client

You’ll learn:

  • How to build your presence as a freelancer/consultant on top freelancing websites
  • How to create a service package that you will offer to your prospects
  • How to get your first consulting client through websites and/or cold outreach

Module 8 – Earn your first $1,000 in consulting

You’ll learn:

  • How to pitch high-ticket offers to clients around the world
  • How to offer allied services to clients that only bright MBA students like you can
  • How to ensure that clients retain you month on month so that it can be the best CV point ever

About your mentor (that’s me)

Darpan Saxena Image
Darpan Saxena
MBA, IIM Udaipur
Founder, Creadom and Super Heuristics
Ex-MBA Product Head, Career Launcher

I am Darpan Saxena and I am on a mission to help MBA students ‘create’ the best career outcomes in the field of marketing without depending on placements. I founded Super Heuristics as a marketing blog for MBAs while I was in the first year of my MBA program at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Udaipur.

Within a year, my blog went viral across the best B-schools in the country with students from these B-schools finding the content on the blog to be unique and extremely helpful in their marketing careers.

This exposure and brand building helped me get 3 job offers from outside the campus even when the final placements at IIM Udaipur had not begun. Eventually, what started off as a hobby in his hostel room, turned out to be his greatest aim in life and he could leave his high-paying post-MBA job to pursue his mission to help you, full-time.