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Five Steps Ahead – Silver Membership is a community that gives you the access to a bundle of 7 courses that help you create the best career outcomes in the field of Marketing through your knowledge and digital skills.

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Create the best career outcomes from MBA without depending on placements

Learn how to create the best career opportunities in the field of Marketing by turning your knowledge and digital skills into a passion project that builds your personal brand.

But, what does ‘create’ the best career outcome even mean?

It means that you are not waiting to get the jobs to come to your campus. You are, in fact, utilizing your knowledge, skills and network to uncover opportunities that most MBA students, mistakenly, don’t even look at.

You don’t realize that there are opportunities you aren’t even looking at

Off-Campus Placements

Companies looking to fill up vacancies need not always wait till college placements. Nor they might come to campus for one vacancy

Global Consulting and Freelancing

Businesses around the world are eager to work with young Indian MBA talent. This course tells you how to get them to hire you

Digital Entrepreneurship

A side-hustle from your MBA days could turn out to be the start-up of your dreams. Learn how to build a business around you

And, on-campus would just become a by-product of your brilliance and new-found knowledge and digital skills

How to make all of this happen during MBA?

You can make this happen when you stop seeing yourself as an MBA student and instead start seeing yourself as a ‘Practitioner’ of your knowledge and skills. Five Steps Ahead makes it happen in five steps.

BASIC Framework

What you’ll learn

  • The basic concepts of Marketing learned in a different way so that you remember how to apply them in the real world
  • How to analyse any marketing case study or marketing problem in just 5 slides and do a truly comprehensive analysis that satisfies you
  • How to think about Digital Marketing and Marketing Analytics from a strategic perspective which is a must for MBAs and future business leaders like you
  • What are the different options for you, apart from on-campus placements, to make a successful career with greater satisfaction and freedom in life
  • How to develop yourself into a marketing practitioner so that you can become a personal brand so that placements become a cake-walk and off-campus opportunities find their way to you
  • How to identify which skills (hard-skills and soft-skills) should you focus on so that you can develop expertise in them and become and irresistible MBA professional for any brand
  • How to practice the knowledge and skills that you learned in the classroom in a better way by documenting your learning on your blog which becomes your marketing experiments lab 

Who is this course for?

  • MBA students who know that the career that they want is not possible to achieve from the placements at their B-school
  • MBA students and aspirants who don’t want to leave their career to chance by focusing on only the unpredictable on-campus placements
  • MBA aspirants who want to stay ahead of the curve and want to make a great career in marketing by starting early in acquiring knowledge and skills
  • MBA graduates who feel that they couldn’t get the best outcome from their MBA and are itching to grow in their careers looking at multiple opportunities

Get 7 courses at the price of 1

Here’s what you are getting when you enroll for Five Steps Ahead – Silver Membership. Get 7 courses which is everything you need to kickstart your journey towards freedom in your career after MBA.

1. Five Steps Ahead

Get started with taking action to set yourself apart from everyone else on your campus. Become a marketing practitioner, a personal brand to unlock the opportunities that others only dream of

FREE with Five Steps Ahead – Silver Membership

2. Skill Clarity Blueprint

Find and uncover the must-have skills for your dream MBA career. A step-by-step logical method to discover what career you must aim for and hence what knowledge and skills should you acquire

FREE with Five Steps Ahead – Silver Membership

3. Marketing Lab Challenge

Step-by-step guide to setup your blog and launch your personal brand online. Blogging is the single most important digital asset that you can create to share your knowledge and propagate your personal brand

FREE with Five Steps Ahead – Silver Membership

4. Marketing Concepts Mastery

Learn the essential marketing concepts and frameworks for a strong foundation of your marketing career. Your knowledge is going to be the backbone, and this course will develop that comprehensively

FREE with Five Steps Ahead – Silver Membership

5. Case Analysis Blueprint

Step-by-step method to analyse any marketing case study in just 5 slides. Learn how to absorb relevant information from a case study, how to think and develop a suitable plan of action

FREE with Five Steps Ahead – Silver Membership

6. Digital Marketing Blueprint

First principles of Digital Marketing strategy that MBAs can’t miss out on. Probably the only course online covering how to think about Digital Marketing as a strategy element from leadership perspective

FREE with Five Steps Ahead – Silver Membership

7. Networking Blueprint

Establish deep connection with CxOs and top professionals in your dream industry. Unlike shallow networking and small talks, learn how to build long-lasting industry relationships

FREE with Five Steps Ahead – Silver Membership


  • A stable internet connection to stream videos
  • Hope and enthusiasm about a great future in the field of marketing without depending entirely on placements

Certificate of completion

Although, getting a certificate should be the least of your concern considering that this course will leave you with a lifetime of learning, but upon the completion of the course, you shall have a valuable and verifiable certificate of completion. Each certificate has a unique certificate ID that can be verified on our website.

About the instructor

Darpan Saxena Image

Darpan Saxena
MBA, IIM Udaipur
Founder, Super Heuristics
Ex-MBA Product Head, Career Launcher

Darpan Saxena is on a mission to help MBA students ‘create’ the best career outcomes in the field of marketing without depending on the placements. Darpan founded Super Heuristics as a marketing blog for MBAs while he was in the first year of his MBA program at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Udaipur.

Within a year, the blog went viral across the best B-schools of the country with students from these B-schools finding the content on the blog to be unique and extremely helpful in their marketing careers.

This exposure and brand building helped him get 3 job offers from outside the campus even when the final placements at IIM Udaipur had not begun. Eventually, what started off as a hobby in his hostel room, turned out to be his greatest aim in life and he could leave his high paying post-MBA job to pursue his mission to help you, full-time.

Darpan is an Electronics & Communication engineer by qualification with great appreciation for technology, automation and artificial intelligence in business and marketing.

In his 7+ years of professional experience, he has crafted go-to-market strategies for brands like Abbott (in Singapore), Genpact and CL Educate apart from the other small and medium businesses which have witnessed growth through his marketing and strategy consultation. Darpan has worked as a Product Head of MBA Test-prep products at Career Launcher at their Head Office in New Delhi.